Our Company

Confluence Networks was founded in 2019 by a group of seasoned industry professionals with the express purpose of providing the first subsea system to interconnect key cable landing sites on the East Coast of the US – New York, Miami, Virginia Beach, and Jacksonville – and to develop an important new landing site in the Carolinas.

That new system, Confluence -1, will provide a direct, highly reliable interconnection among the existing and upcoming international subsea systems landing on the East Coast, meeting the need for a more robust alternative to the terrestrial routes between New York and Miami.


Our Mission

CONFLUENCE-1 is the first network to meet the needs for direct, reliable, low-latency undersea connections among major cable landings on the East Coast of the US, thus facilitating the interconnection of major new intercontinental cable routes within the Americas, and between the Americas, Europe, and Africa.

CONFLUENCE-1 will thus serve as both an extension of, and a high-quality alternative to, the US coastal domestic network as well as adding important high-capacity undersea connectivity to the intercontinental network infrastructure in the Atlantic basin.


Paul W. Scott

Principal / Co-founder

Paul Scott has 30 years of executive experience in the international telecommunications industry spanning satellite, cable tv, wireless and over 18 years in subsea networks.  During his career in subsea networks, Mr. Scott was  instrumental in the growth and success of both Caribbean Crossings where he served as President and C&W Networks.

During his tenure at C&W Networks, Mr. Scott oversaw the development of the company as the primary internet backbone in the Pan-Caribbean region. Through greenfield subsea builds, along with the integration of acquisitions, Mr. Scott grew the subsea network from 8,000 route kilometers (2005) to over 50,000 route km (2018) seamlessly connecting over 40 countries.  

He received his BA from Loyola University of Chicago and MBA from Palm Beach Atlantic University. 

Valentina Gallardo

Principal / Co-founder

Valentina Gallardo is a seasoned executive with over 20 years’ experience in the global Telecommunications industry, specializing in client relations, strategic planning and business development. 

She   is   currently   a   principal   in   Confluence   Networks, a   developer   of   undersea communications systems. Prior to that she held positions with Telefonica, the global telecommunications service provider; and more recently with Progress Telecom, Level 3, FPL Group, Lightower (Crown Castle), and Allied Fiber, all focused on communications network strategic planning, marketing and sales,

A native of Chile, Ms. Gallardo earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering from Diego Portales University in Santiago. She is currently located in New York City.

David G. Ross

Principal / Co-founder

David Ross has been active in the global communications industry since 1970. Mr. Ross is currently a principal in Confluence Networks, a developer of undersea communications networks.

He is best known for his work with The David Ross Group Inc., a global consultancy which he founded in 1999 and from which he retired at the end of 2016. Prior to that, he held management positions with Bell Laboratories, AT&T Submarine Systems, and Tyco Submarine Systems.He holds Masters and Bachelors Degrees in Electrical Engineering from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor.

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