Subsea World 2020 - Completion of CONFLUENCE-1 target date is on schedule

Guest speaker at the Subsea World 2020 Virtual Conference, Paul Scott, Confluence Networks CEO, provides an update on the CONFLUENCE-1 cable system. This highly anticipated project will link four major established undersea cable landings on the East Coast of the US and will be the first 24 fiber pair undersea cable. Still on schedule to be completed by late 2022, early 2023, CONFLUENCE-1 will meet interconnection needs in a highly cost-effective, scalable and unprecedented manner.

CONFLUENCE-1 is announced at Submarine Networks EMEA 2020

Confluence Networks CEO, Paul Scott, announced the CONFLUENCE-1 cable system at the Submarine Networks EMEA 2020 conference in London, UK, 18-19 February 2020. The conference is the leading annual subsea communications gathering in the EMEA region. The entire Confluence Networks team was in attendance, including company principals Valentina Gallardo and David Ross.

This event, focused on shaping the future of the global communications industry, was the perfect platform to present CONFLUENCE-1, an undersea cable system linking four major established undersea cable landings on the East Coast of the US: New York (Wall, NJ); Virginia Beach, VA; Jacksonville, FL; and Miami, FL; and introducing a new landing in Myrtle Beach, SC.

Confluence-1 will be the first-ever undersea cable on the important North-South route on the East Coast. It will use industry’s latest SDM technology and will be the first 24 fiber pair repeatered undersea cable, adding at least 500 Tbps of new capacity in 2023.

Confluence Networks takes center stage at Subsea Americas 2019

An industry leader centered on next-generation connectivity, Confluence Networks CEO, Paul Scott, was a presenter at the Subsea Americas conference in Washington DC on December 12-13, 2019, the only submarine cable conference that focuses exclusively on cables connecting or landing in the Americas. Confluence Networks sent their executive team, including principals Valentina Gallardo and David Ross.

As a panelist in “Changing Dynamics of U.S. East Coast Network Architectures,” Paul emphasized the importance of innovative solutions such as CONFLUENCE-1, which will be the first subsea cable connecting several important cable landing sites along the Atlantic Coast when it goes into service in 2023, using the latest undersea technology to provide 24 pairs of repeatered fiber to the important corridor between New York and Miami.

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